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Hire Experienced Public Accounting Professionals Nationwide

We are your strategic partners, empowering private industry, consulting, and public accounting talent acquisition teams and leaders to find and hire experienced public accounting professionals.

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Driving Your Success: Personalized Talent Solutions

Expand Your Talent Pool

Leverage our expansive search approach to discover a diverse pool of experienced candidates ready to drive your organization to new heights.

Fast-Track Your Search Process

Stay ahead of the curve with our streamlined recruitment approach. Maintain peak productivity and reduce the burden on your existing staff.

Boost Your Candidate Quality

Experience the difference of superior candidates. Our placements typically succeed with four or fewer candidates presented, demonstrating our commitment to quality.

Personalized Recruitment Experience

Benefit from a recruitment process tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We deliver results unique to your organization.

Capitalize on Our Industry Expertise

Our extensive knowledge of the public accounting industry allows us to find professionals who can strengthen your various functions and align with your needs.

Secure Long-Term Success

With us, recruitment is about fostering long-term relationships that ensure ongoing support and satisfaction.

Only Pay When You Hire

We operate on a success-driven approach. You only pay when you hire, minimizing recruitment-associated risks.

Industries we Recruit For

Professional Services

Consulting and Public Accounting


Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate.


Movie Production Houses, Live Sports, and Media


Oil, Gas, Mining, and manufacturing.


Food and Beverage, and more.


Retailers, Restaurants



Healthcare, Hospitals, and Pharmaceuticals


Technology, Media, and Telecommunications


Publishing, Media, and Advertising.

Function Searches We Assist


Audit, assurance, and private company audit.


Managerial, financial, technical, and reporting.

Internal Audit

Accounting & internal controls, and transactions & M&A.

Financial Transformation

System Implementation, RPA, FP&A transformation


Financial planning & analysis, and strategic finance.


Transaction readiness, diligence, and execution.


Advisory, compliance and reporting, and technology consulting.


IT Audit, and IT Risk & Compliance.


Your Journey to High-Performing Teams: Path to Successful Hiring

At TTC, we understand the unique challenges that Finance function leaders face when building effective teams. Whether your focus is on audit, finance, internal audit, transactions, or tax, we're here to guide you on a journey to successful hiring. Let's explore the steps:

Understanding Your Needs

Our relationship begins with a comprehensive discussion. We invest our time in understanding your organization, your challenges, and your hiring aspirations to tailor our search to your unique needs. Whether you may be looking to enhance your audit processes or your priority might be to optimize your strategic finance functions. No matter the specifics, this conversation ensures we grasp your unique needs.

Candidate Sourcing & Screening

Next, we tap into our vast network of public accounting professionals. We find potential candidates that match your requirements and conduct preliminary screenings. Whether it's someone, who can strengthen your internal audit processes, or someone, who is experienced in transaction management, we ensure only the best candidates make it through.

Introducing Candidates

Once we have a curated list of potential hires, we introduce them to you. Whether it's someone who can help you minimize tax liabilities, or a candidate skilled in financial planning and analysis, we connect you with professionals who can bolster your team's effectiveness.

Facilitating Interviews and Decisions

We coordinate the interview process, working with you and the candidates to find suitable times and providing any necessary support. We are here to facilitate your decision-making process, offering insights and guidance as needed.

Successful Onboarding

After you've selected, we will continue to support you and your new hire to ensure a smooth onboarding process. We aim to ensure that each candidate is well-prepared to start contributing to your team from day one.

This process is designed with you in mind, making hiring less time-consuming and more effective. We're excited about the prospect of partnering with you to build a high-performing team that matches your unique vision.

Download Case Study: How We Fast-Tracked Finding Talent for Our Client at Scale.

Filling your open positions as swiftly as possible is vital to maintaining high productivity and promoting growth. Discover how we assisted our client in hiring Big 4 talent specializing in accounting, tax, and consulting, executing this task with precision and scalability across the United States.

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